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PyCon Latam is a variant of the PyCon conference that aims to bring together python developers from all Latin American countries, serving as a platform for them to interface with the Python community at large.

Sponsoring the event is a great way to connect with the Latin American Python community. Showcase your company's products/services and explore recruitment opportunities in this dynamic and innovative environment.

Why sponsor Pycon Latam?

If you use any of the python technology, host platforms and create saas products. Pycon Latam gives you the opportunity to meet potential clients for your products.

This is the best place to find talent for your business. Here the best Latin American developers will gather. PyCon Latam offers this great opportunity.

PyCon Latam is making a great effort of being an inclusive and diverse space. In order to achieve this, we need to have support from sponsors that help accomplishes this goal.

At Pycon Latam we build work and knowledge networks and can create bonds with future collaborators.

Where is the support used?

Part of your support goes towards conference expenses and another part to financially support developers or aspiring developers with limited resources.

Conference costs

Financial Aid
Financial aid for community collaborators that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend the event. The financial support includes access to the conference, accommodation and meals.