Speaking at PyCon Latam

We are looking for Python enthusiasts or language professionals who want to share information through a presentation. Whether you are just starting out or have more than a decade of experience, we want to hear from you!

CFP Description

About the talk:

Talk Details

Talks: will have a time slot of 35 minutes. Presenters can, optionally, do a Q&A at the end of the talk. The Q&A section should happen within the 35 minute time slot.

StructureTitle Elevator Pitch (abstract): You have 300 characters to sell your talk. This is known as the “elevator pitch”. Make it as exciting and enticing as possible.

Some pointers: What you’ll be talking about.

What they’ll learn from your talk.

What background experience they should have to get the most out of your talk.

Description: An in-depth explanation of your talk, read only by reviewers. The description should contain an outline of your talk (preferably with a time breakdown, but not required), and anything else you think would be relevant for reviewers to take into consideration.

For example: Introduction ~1 min, Background ~5 min, Examples ~10 min, etc… Please do not include any personally identifiable information in the description, as this will effectively de-anonymize the proposal.

Notes: This is where you should explain things such as technical requirements, why you’re the best person to speak on this subject and any extra information helpful to the reviewers that does not belongs within the talk’s description.

Tags: Tag your talk to make it easier for event organizers to be able to find. We try to include as many tags for topics as possible, but you are welcome to include additional tags if the available ones do not fit your topic.Take these points into account to increase the chances of your talk being selected!Quality: How well is your proposal structured and presented. Make sure to include all the crucial information possible in the proposal. Remember reviews will be based on the information you provide to us.

Relevance: Is this a topic of relevance in 2023 and beyond? Your topic could be an entirely new things, about using the latest tools or a new take on an already popular subject, to name a few examples.

Credibility: Does the elevator pitch make sense? Is it based on accepted tools and procedures? It’s always a good idea to run your elevator pitch by friends and co-workers.Importance: Does it contribute to practice, research, theory, or knowledge? Is it about a common problem or situation that others are likely to have encountered?

Originality: Is this a cutting-edge development? An innovative approach? A new application? An unusual use case?

Reputation: Is the speaker widely known to the community? Do they have a reputation for quality presentations?Questions?


  1. Send a proposal

    If you would like to give a talk, start by sending your proposal. Click here for more information.

    Remember you have until May 7, 2023 to send it.

  2. Approval

    Once your proposal has been received, it will undergo an evaluation.

    All received proposals will be reviewed by our team.

  3. Confirmation

    If your proposal is selected, you'll need to confirm your attendance with our team and give the last touches to your presentation.