Batteries Included: Things you can do with standard libraries


Any Python user knows the power of Python is having many packages in PyPI that you can simply pip install. Imagine pip is not allowed at work due to security issues. Don’t worry! You can still do many things with the standard libraries included. Let me show you those that you should know and use.


In the first part of the talk, we will have an overview of what is included when you install the official Python distribution downloaded from That include venv and the standard libraries that we can import. We will have a look at what are they and what purpose they may be for.

In the second part of the talk, we will have the imaginary scenario that we are a data scientist or web developer that is given a task but we have to do it without all the handy tools that we love and pip installed. We will need to think of the alternatives: using only the standard library to finish the task with the least effort.

This talk is for Python users who has a few years of experience in Python and have been extensively using 3rd party libraries that they pip install. They may overlook the treasures that are already included the moment they download Python and could one day be very useful to help them with their tasks.